Hey Dough Lover, Welcome to Our New Site!

by Jess Hewitt

Things have been changing pretty rapidly around here; we think it’s time to give you an update!

First of all, we are so excited to have officially started making dough in our own commercial kitchen! With more space to make and store dough; we think we can avoid running out of stock! This also means online orders can be picked up directly from Bliss Dough Headquarters.

In addition to pick-up, you can now order dough through both Skip the Dishes and DoorDash! Why would you order from them instead of from us directly? Well for one, you do not have to select a time slot for delivery or worry about ordering in advance for peak times. You just place your order and it’s on its way! Secondly, now that we need to be on site at Headquarters during the day, we will no longer offer lunchtime delivery directly from us. However, delivery through Skip the Dishes and DoorDash is available ANYTIME from 11:30am until 1:00am daily! Having a craving at 4pm? How about 5:37pm? They’ve got you covered.

We are still currently doing evening deliveries ourselves in addition to these new services. Our evening hours are still 7:00pm to 1;00am every night of the week. We will definitely give ample notice if/when we move away from doing  our own deliveries so those loyalty cards don’t go to waste!

Speaking of loyalty cards… you may be wondering “what’s the deal with those?!” Loyalty cards can only be used on delivery or pick-up orders from Bliss Dough Headquarters. This means orders placed online at http://blissdough.com for the Guelph area only.


Are you outside of the Guelph area but want to get your hands on our Dough?

Well do we have some good news for you! We are now using a distributor to spread Bliss across Ontario and it is super easy to locate dough near you! Just click on the Stockists tab at the top of our website, enter your location, and the distance you are willing to drive. Within seconds you will know where to go to get the dough! With over 40 stockists and growing, we are so excited to make our Dough readily available for more Ontarians.

Is Bliss Dough not available in/near your city? Drop us a line at info@blissdough.com and let us know where we should expand to next!