About Us

About Bliss Dough

Bliss Dough is Ontario’s premium edible cookie dough company. Founded in 2018, Bliss Dough offers safe-to-eat, edible cookie dough in a variety of flavours with vegan and gluten-friendly options available.

There are a variety of ways to get your hands on some Bliss Dough! We offer online ordering and Ontario-wide shipping, as well as in-store shopping at our own locations along with a variety of stockists across Ontario such as Longos, Foodland, and more.

Three cookie dough jars

The Bliss Dough Story

Bliss Dough was started back in 2018 when our founders Jess and Dave had an idea.

You see, Jess is a lover of cookie dough and at the time she could often be found browsing Pinterest for ‘cookie dough for one’ recipes after work. When Dave realized that ready-to-eat, edible cookie dough wasn’t readily available in stores, he decided that if no one else was doing it - maybe they could! And so, after many months of researching, testing out recipes (to Jess’ delight!), and a TON of dishes - Bliss Dough was born in November 2018.

Stack of cookie dough jars

Bliss Dough initially launched with five core flavours: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Funfetti, Dark Cafe Mocha, Peanut Butter Chocolate, and Walnut Brownie (discontinued), and we have now expanded to offer additional flavours such as Cookies & Cream, Brownie, and Oatmeal Chocolate Chip. We also offer fun seasonal flavours throughout the year such as Peppermint Brownie, Pumpkin Spice, and our most popular flavour to date - Mini Egg.

Once Bliss Dough started, it wasn’t long before business exploded. Little did Jess and Dave know at the time, but a community of ‘dough lovers’ was waiting for them! By April 2019 Jess and Dave were finally able to quit their corporate 9-5 jobs and pursue Bliss Dough full-time. Today, Bliss Dough has two physical locations in Guelph and Waterloo Ontario, an awesome team of full-time staff members, and our cookie dough can be found in stores across Ontario.

Meet Our Founders

Jess and Dave currently live in Waterloo Ontario with their two cats Piper and Milo. However, before starting Bliss Dough in 2018, they lived in Ottawa pursuing corporate careers in the education and security sectors. Unhappy in their 9-5 jobs, Jess and Dave decided to pack up their belongings and pursue their true passion - travelling! In early 2018 they travelled throughout Southeast Asia for three months before moving back to Guelph for a fresh start - and not long after Bliss Dough was born!

When they aren’t hard at work making cookie dough - you’ll find Jess and Dave planning their next great adventure.

Fun fact: Jess is a true cookie dough-lover at heart, and although Dave was the ‘brains’ behind the Bliss Dough recipes, he actually doesn’t like cookie dough!

Dave and Jess the founders of Bliss Dough